• Profile Processing

    The latest CAD/CAM software is utilised by our computer engineers in the Middle East, as well as in the UK to design customised programmes.   These guide our bespoke NC and CNC controlled systems, ensuring internationally renowned standards of precision previously unknown in the industry.  The ‘EFP system’ consistently outperforms standard fabrication software,taking Routing and Cutting to another level.

    Profile Centre

    Profile machining is our speciality.  The EFP Profile Centre is replicated from the UAE to the UK, developing our most sophisticated systems including 4 and 5 axis technology for complex projects.  These specialised systems in profile machining guarantee maximum design flexibility, optimum accuracy and seamless production.


    Tool Room

    EFP’s global factories have their own in-house Tools Rooms, equipped with a diverse range of high-tech machines:

    CNC Milling

    Copy Milling

    Jig Boring



    Surface Grinders

    Wire Cutters

    These machines allow us to manufacture the full range of smaller components necessary to provide a complete fabrication service of projects from A to Z