The Louvre Abu Dhabi

An amazing and innovative project designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel, the Louvre Abu Dhabi was an incredibly successful movement by Abu Dhabi to increase cultural opportunities in the UAE.  The Louvre itself is quite heavily influenced by Arabian architecture, with more than two-thirds of the entire museum being encased in a huge white 180m wide dome.

EFP and The Louvre Abu Dhabi

EFP gladly accepted the project to work on The Louvre as their Middle Eastern reputation continued to grow.  After working on Kuwait’s Paeet Stadium, the Dubai Metro, Mafraq Hospital, the Dubai Frame and, of course, the continued development at Abu Dhabi Airport.

Throughout the project at The Louvre Abu Dhabi, EFP was required to create thousands of aluminium triangles which would intersect over 8 layers to create a stunning visual effect of a sky full of stars.  The whole project with EFP included the roof cladding of the Louvre Museum of Abu Dhabi through the fabrication of aluminium profile and brackets.

EFP produced 7,000 aluminium stars for their client, White Aluminium for Waagner Biro Gulf LLC for The Louvre Abu Dhabi.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Louvre at Abu Dhabi is an immense 260,000 square foot structure that currently holds the record for the largest museum in the Arabian Peninsula.

The aim of the Louvre Abu Dhabi was to help bridge the gap between Eastern and Western art and has so far helped to give residents, locals and visitors of the United Arab Emirates a chance to see some of the most amazing pieces of art in this incredible new build.  It is expected that the final cost of construction for The Louvre Abu Dhabi will amount to more than 2.5 billion AED while simply purchasing the ability to use associate with The Louvre name is rumoured to have cost Abu Dhabi around 1.9 billion AED.