• About EFP

    EFP-Middle East L.L.C. is a British-run company with more than three decades of global expertise in manufacturing and machining solutions. We specialise in the Design and Engineering of advanced aluminium systems; fabricating all aspects of architectural cladding and curtain-wall façades, including complex substructures and intricate accessories.

    Inaugurated in 2008, our Middle East operation has grown rapidly and is now headquartered in a 100,000ft2 state-of-the-art facility at Dubai Investment Park. Predominantly focused on serving the Gulf market, success has expanded our reach into Europe, Asia and North Africa.

    EFP has established a reputation for technical ability, advanced machinery, commitment to tight schedules and quality of work. However large or challenging the order, we deliver on time, on brief and on budget.

    Our huge investment in technology and training gives EFP an unrivalled production capacity and has led to partnerships with clients in the UAE, wider Middle East and beyond who are attracted by our pioneering fabrication solutions. EFP fabricated panels now adorn some of the most famous façades in the UAE – including iconic projects such as Dubai’s world-renowned Metro system, Abu Dhabi International Airport and the Capital’s prestigious Louvre Museum.

    As a British-run company, it was perhaps inevitable that EFP-Middle East L.L.C. should undertake its first overseas expansion back on ‘home turf’ in the United Kingdom. As a result, EFP-ME UK Ltd was established in 2015 with the aim of replicating the rapid success of its Dubai-based corporate parent. Leveraging on the growing reputation of the EFP name in Architectural Cladding and Curtain-Wall systems – and the company’s involvement with world-renowned partners and projects – it was decided to enter the U.K. market as an independent building envelope contractor serving the needs of the construction industry.

    EFP’s factory in the English Midlands, supported by our new design office in the heart of London, give us an operational base at the epicentre of U.K. Construction activity – and the opportunity to emulate EFP- Middle East at a time when the British sector is entering a period of renewed optimism and growth.